Why Thirty Days?

For several months, I’ve been looking for a challenge. I wanted to try something new, then blog about my experiences. I wanted to experience some kind of long-term personal growth; I wanted to learn about myself and test the boundaries of my usual behavior.

But I had a difficult time coming up with a challenge. What should the challenge be? How long should it last? I thought about Gamifying my life. I thought about giving up television. I considered doing the “52-Week Money Challenge.” But aside from the 52-Week Money Challenge, how long was I supposed to try these things? What if I burnt out or couldn’t see it through? What if I absolutely hated it but already made the commitment?

My roommate had the idea that, rather than try one challenge for a long time, I should try many challenges for a short time. The challenges should be long enough to keep me on my toes, but not so long that I would end up being miserable. A month seemed like a perfect amount of time. Whatever new habits I acquired that I liked – I could keep. But even if I hated the challenge, it would be over soon enough and I would learn about myself along the way. I loved the idea; at the end of a monthly challenge, I will find that I pushed my own boundaries, made a new habit, found something to appreciate, learned to be grateful, etc.

I pitched the idea to my friends, and they immediately started drumming up ideas for challenges. Some examples include: giving up alcohol, going without make-up, not looking in a mirror, taking public transportation instead of driving, finding answers to my questions the ‘old fashioned way’ rather than Google. All great suggestions!

I’m beginning this month a little late and I’m starting small – I am going to give up coffee for the rest of May. This is a challenge I have been wanting to try for a while. Next month, I will officially kick-off my “Thirty Day Endeavors” with a challenge from my roommate, whose brilliant idea sparked this blog in the first place. Stay tuned!


Want to submit an idea for a challenge? Fill out the form below and give me some ideas! The challenges should be about personal growth and self-discovery, not just random experimentation. Can’t wait to see your ideas!